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School Of Faith, Evangelism and Ministry

Nov 1, 2012 Dutton, Al

Hallelujah! It is hard to resume a journal that has been neglected for over a year and a half. So much has transpired since I last made an entry. Wow. The first thing one would notice is the place. Dutton Alabama is nowhere near the Mississippi River. Our prayer walk up the Mississippi River has come to a stand still for a while, but not the ministry, or our prayer for the Church in America. Our last update concerning the ministry was in reference to the Tornado Relief efforts the Lord had us busy with since May of 2011. The following summation is where we are at in the ministry as of November 3, 2012.

Brother Roy Nelson, overseer and director of Camp ToknowHim has referred to it as a "Grand Experiment". I see it as a "Grand Adventure", but either way, when the Lord is in it, there is no doubt that it is Grand! In 2001, before I embarked on my Mississippi River Prayer walk, I laid out a plan for Crosscountry4Jesus' School of Faith, Evangelism, And Missions. I have taught the principles of that school in various venues, such as through one on one discipleship, in churches, on line, and even during the storm relief efforts we have been involved with, but I never actually have been able to focus entirely on the "Crosscountry4Jesus' School of Faith, Evangelism and Missions" . It's amazing how the Lord puts things together.

Most of you are aware of the fact that last year we came up here to the Northeast part of Alabama to start a tornado relief center for the area of Sand Mountain, which had been hit hard by the tornados that swept through the country in April. Eric McGee and I left Vicksburg Mississippi a couple of days after the storms that devastated so much of the country with $250.00. That certainly isn't the kind of financial backing one should have when thinking about starting a disaster relief center, but as I said, when the Lord is in it, whatever a servant of the Most High God undertakes is Grand! We put our hands to the plow, and with a few people coming along side of us during the initial stages of the relief center, we ended up doing the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of relief work, with hundreds of volunteers coming from across the United States to make a difference in this area.

We didn't charge anyone a penny to come and work in the area, and we didn't make appeals for donations so we could run the relief center and feed 40-50 volunteers a week, pay for the fuel and the equipment costs and the utility bills for the center, yet God made sure that every need was met and we were able to assist many people who were in need in this area. I mention that, because I just want to emphasize how mightily God provided during that time that He ordained we should be there. Naturally, He used people to provide those needs, but the important thing was the fact that WE didn't use people to provide those needs through manipulative speeches or slick devices...Hallelujah! That time was a Grand time indeed! The local people were well aware of that fact, and that gave me a large degree of credibility with the people of Sand Mountain, which is an important factor to consider as you read the rest of this report. If I boast, I boast in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who has always equipped us to be able to perform the Work He has called us to.

The first day I came up here to look at the devastation, and before I actually thought about a relief center, I heard a fellow named Mitchell Kilgore refer to the area as "Sand Mountain". As soon as he uttered those words, a phrase sprung up in my spirit: "The Sand Mountain Revival". For the first 4 months of the relief center, I mentioned my expectation for the Sand Mountain Revival to every volunteer group that came our way. Well, after four months, the Rainsville city council decided we should close our relief center which was located in down town Rainsville. Because we didn't have financial reserves, we figured that was probably it for us...we would move on back to Vicksburg, Mississippi and continue the walk up the River. The city council gave us two weeks to move out of the relief center, and during our last week there, the wife of one of the council members woke up in the middle of the night with the thought of a local Bible camp, Camp ToknowHim. The camp had been hit by one of the tornados that swept through the area, and the "small group" area had been devastated by the storm. The wife of the council member took it upon herself to contact Roy, and told him about us. Roy had been hosting a church from Scottsboro called The Rock which had been bringing in teams to do tornado relief as well, and to help rebuild some of the camp. When Mrs Bobo spoke to Roy about us, The Rock had just ceased their tornado relief efforts at the camp that very week, which opened the door for us to move there and continue our relief efforts. Praise the Lord! After a month of being there, Roy asked if we would consider staying there until May, to help get the small group area fixed up enough to open for the 2012 season of Bible Camp. The Lord confirmed that we should be there, so we continued relief efforts in the community, and helping to rebuild the camp. My expectations for the Sand Mountain Revival were rekindled anew.

In April, the camp was donated a very large house that was once a children's home. In May, while we were preparing for our move back to Vicksburg, Roy asked me if we would consider staying at the house through the summer until August as "house sitters" while we continued our efforts on the mountain, since they had no clear direction concerning the house. After seeking the Lord, we saw that the Lord's Will was to have us remain here for that season. I thought it was interesting that the Lord was keeping us on Sand Mountain. I began to carry the cross throughout the mountain during this time with renewed prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this mountain. This resulted in much ministry, and the renewed desire to maybe rent the old relief center to begin a school of evangelism, IF the Lord wanted us to stay here to see the Sand Mountain Revival take place.

In August, Roy told us that they still hadn't formulated a plan for the house and we could stay here through the winter if we chose. I told Roy that while the house was nice, I didn't want to live in a house just to live in a house. I told him my life is about furthering the Kingdom of God, and as far as I could see, the Mississippi Prayer walk had just been on hold for a season. I felt inclined of the Lord to tell him about my idea for a school of evangelism, but that I couldn't undertake something like that unless I had a year of commitment to the work (something I haven't done for the last 25 years of being on the road for Jesus). I said "How about if you commit to us the use of this house for a year, and we will commit to paying the utilities in exchange for staying here, while I work on getting the school of evangelism started?" He said he liked the idea, and that if we did such a thing, why not have the school at the house, since it is a big house with lots of rooms, and it would cut down the expenses of another facility. He said he would have to submit it to the Board that is over the camp, and we would know at the end of October.

While I was waiting for the word, I continued ministering on the mountain, began a Saturday night fellowship, and am still believing for the Revival on this mountain. We got the word two Fridays ago that the board approved the idea. Hallelujah! It's another Grand Adventure for us in our service to the Lord! Instead of a school of Faith, Evangelism and Missions, I altered the name to The School of Faith, Evangelism and Ministry, since we are all called to ministry, in whatever capacity the Lord would have us to live.

Godincidentally, the Lord has brought Joe Esch from Michigan here to be discipled in ministry a month ago, and a couple I have known for several years, Justin and Lori just sold all they have and bought a camper and came here the 31st to join us in this Grand Adventure. Now we just need to work out the logistics...But we are trusting Jesus to work out the details, and to bring the Church together to see the Body equipped to be the Light Jesus wants us to be. I believe the thrust of the ministry won't be so much "How to's" (although that will be included) as it will be practical applications of LIVING the ministry. I am looking into the possibility of also incorporating a central prayer center in the old relief center in Rainsville, if the Body of Christ in this area would be interested in such a thing...

It's amazing how a $250.00 investment has brought us to this point...who would have guessed it? Still believing for the Sand Mountain Revival to become a reality...

I have spoken in various churches, and every time I do, I mention the "Sand Mountain Revival". I have been carrying the cross throughout the area, praying that the Lord would send a true awakening here.





Lance Rowe









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